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Nintendo Destroys Bloomberg Rumor!

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New Switch Model! Nintendo Switch OLED Model!

Nintendo shadow dropped the new Switch model titled Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Find out more by watching the video linked below.

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Metroid And Shin Megami Tensei Are Poised For Breakout Success!

Watch our video to find out why we think Metroid and Shin Megami Tensei are poised for breakout success!

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Video: Masters of the Universe Trailer Reaction!

Written by Michelle Lynn Tackett

I grew up on the original He-Man, so imagine my reaction when I found out there would be a new He-Man show! Watch the video below to see my brother and my reaction to Netflix’s new version of Masters of the Universe.

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My Love For The Metroid Series!

Written By: Michelle Lynn Tackett

Metroid is one of the best video game series ever. I love Metroid so much! From the exploration, Samus, the worlds, and the unique gameplay. Metroid is a classic franchise that influenced so many franchises over the years.

I got into Metroid when I was a young girl, and I never looked back. The character of Samus is one of my top 5 favorite video game characters in any series! 2D Metroid games have changed gaming so much, but so did the 3D Prime games. Imagine what FPS would be like without the Prime series!

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Sony is Copyrighting Earthbound Videos!

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo is out to play on the Eshop.

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Hilarious Puppets! Jim’s Moral of the Story!

If you like cute and wholesome comedy, you may enjoy Jim’s Moral of the Stort. Check it out! You may like it.

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Watch “Arguing Over Price Is Pointless! #metroiddread #gameprice #nintendoswitch #rgt85 #obe1” on YouTube

Value is subjective. The end.

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