Nintendo Will Have the Best Summer in Video Games Ever

Summer is usually a slow time for big video game releases, well someone forgot to tell Nintendo that. The Nintendo Switch is going to be loaded with big exclusives like Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Yokai Watch 4, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain and the big one Mario Maker 2. That is from June to the end of August alone. I can’t remember a time when a console had so many huge releases in the Summer. Last Summer Nintendo scored with Toad Treasure Tracker, Mario Tennis and Octopath Travler. I think this smart, Nintendo is filling a void for gamers who are hungry for new content during the long summer months. Who says gamers don’t want to buy games during the summer? Look at how well Splatoon 2 has done, and it was released during the summer. Look for Mario Maker 2 to post similar numbers to Splatoon 2 when Mario Maker 2 releases in June.

I also predict Fire Emblem to post the biggest opening week for a Fire Emblem game and Astral Chain will become the next big IP for Nintendo. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Daemon X Machina will do great and Yokai Watch 4 could be a Super Mario Party sized hit. What a line up of games! This will keep Nintendo’s momemtum going until the fall when four of the biggest titles of the year will be released. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Link’s Awakening remake.

What a brilliant strategy by Nintendo that I think will pay off in spades. Couple this, along with the big third party releases like Dragon Quest Builders 2, God Eater 3 Oninaki and Wolfenstein Youngblood to name a few. May the Gods have mercy on your wallet, because the Switch won’t.

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