Top 10 Movies At the Summer Box Office

Here is our opinion for what the top 10 movies at the summer box office will be and how much they will make. Here we go!

1: Avengers Endgame-750 million. Easy choice, but it is the truth. This movie will smash a lot of records this summer.

2: Detective Pikachu-340 million. Yes, we said it and hear us out. This will be the feel good movie of the summer. The biggest family movie and the movie to finally break the video game curse. Plus, the marketing has been brilliant!

3: Godzilla King of the Monsters-310 million. We can already hear some people, “But, but why?” Hear us out. This is a monster mash up with the biggest names in Kaiju and it has Millie Bobby Brown to give it a Gen-Z appeal. Also, the marketing has been awesome and in some polls, this movie is as high as no2 behind Avengers.

4: Spiderman: Far From Home-300 million. This will be a huge 4th of July hit. The last one was a hit, and the Avengers Endgame momentum will carry over.

5: Toy Story 4-260 million. The first trailer got obliterated by Detective Pikachu and a lot of people don’t think a 4th one was necessary.

6: The Lion King-250 million. People will check it out and then move on when they see it’s a shot for shot remake.

7: Aladdin-230 million. Three words, Will Smith’s Genie. That’s all that needs to be said.

8: Hobbs and Shaw-215 million. The Fast and the Furious fans will check this out.

9: Men In Black International-205 million. No one really asked for this and there seems to be little excitement for this.

10: Child’s Play-170 million. Mark Hamill is in this and the hype is actually pretty good. This will be the horror hit of the summer.

There are my predictions, what do you think? Are we crazy? Or did we hit the nail on the head?

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