Crawl Trailer Review

It seems like Paramount is really on a roll. After the disaster that is Sonic the Hedgehog, they have Crawl. Another disappointment of a movie. This is worse in some ways. This is from Alexandre Aja and Sam Raimi, so you expect something better than a below par horror movie.

Giving too much away

You get to see the alligators too much and they tell how to deal with them in the trailer! Why would you do that? Why give out this much information? You basically know how the movie is gonna be, and what happens just by watching the trailer!

The movie itself

The movie itself isn’t any better. Bland cinematography and hardly any good scares make this a forgettable movie. That’s the last thing you want to say when you think of a Sam Raimi or Alexandre Aja movie. None of the characters stand out and none of the moments stand out. This seems worse than a bad movie, it’s a forgettable movie.

Final Thoughts

One never knows about a movie based on a trailer. Some movies have turned out to be a lot better than their trailer lead them onto be. However, the Crawl trailer is basically mapping the movie out for us. Leaving us no surprises and exposes the movie’s gaping flaws, (medicore characters, bpand direction and no stand out scares). This is not a good sign for a studio that needs a hit. Sonic is getting bombarded, and the Crawl is getting mixed reactions already. Maybe Paramount needs to stay away from animals. Let National Geographic handle them, they make animals more exciting ans fun!

Score: 1 star. A forgettable bland experience of a trailer that gives the audience too much information.

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