Why Is Capcom Doing So Many Digital Games on the Switch

We heard the good news, the Devil May Cry is coming to the Nintendo Switch. During Capcom’s financial reports, Capcom talked about how well they are doing. Games like Resident Evil 2, DMC 5 and Mega Man 11 are doing great. Unlike Sega, Capcom is utilizing their franchises and it’s showing with robust sales. However, one disturbing trend is Capcom is putting a lot of their Switch releases on digital only. Why? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the Switch versions of Mega Man 11 and SF 30th Anniversary are doing great! Why not release games like the Phoenix Right Ace Attorney collection, Okami and the Devil May Cry physically on the Switch? I could understand if Capcom’s games were not selling on the Switch, but that isn’t the case.

Look at Namco/Bandai and Square/Enix. They release most of their games on physical and digital. Switch consumers have been rewarding them with huge sales. Games like Octopath, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dark Souls and DQB are all selling great. It is time 3rd parties stopped looking at Nintendo with a cynical lens. What do Nintendo fans need to do to prove to 3rd parties that the Switch is a great place for them to release their games on as well as the XBO, and the PS4. This isn’t the early 2000’s anymore when a lot of 3rd party games wouldn’t sell on Nintendo platforms. The Switch is showing how well 3rd party games can sell and it is time more 3rd parties realized it.


Bethesda says its games on Switch have been “hugely popular”

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