Nintendo is For Everyone (Even Kids) And That’s Good .

Ever since Nintendo censored the blood in Mortal Kombat back in 1993, a perception has been made that Nintendo is only for kids. They make out it’s bad to have video games for children. It isn’t.

Besides, video games should be for as many people as possible. Not just a small group of white males who like to beat their chest about being the most, “hardcore” gamer alive. Give me a break.

Lots of adults play video games with a cute animated look. Pokmon has tons of adult fans, so does Mario and Donkey Kong. Judging a video game based on it’s aesthetics and not it’s gameplay is very childish. Think about this, what games have mostly teens who like to cuss out other people while playing. Mario Kart? No, Call of Duty.

Lastly, who has censored more games in the recent years, Nintendo or Sony? Sony. A nude scene in the Devil May Cry 5 was censored on the PS4 version. They removed the light that was covering up her backside after the backlash, but that don’t change the fact that Sony has been cracking down on Nudity, while Nintendo has been more willing to let Nudity fly on games for the Switch.

The past is the past. Let it go. Nintendo doesn’t censor games like they did on Mortal Kombat. A lot of fans were scared Nintendo was gonna censor the blood in Mortal Kombat 11. They didn’t. 1993 is the past people. Nintendo has a diverse line up of games. Games for kids, teens and adults. Who cares what the game looks like. You can have fun with any game, no matter what it looks like.

Getting people while they’re young is smart, they will grow up with your brand and remain loyal. It’s a smart tactic for any business.


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