Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett


1 Star: This is horrible

2 Stars: It’s OK, Nothing special.

3 Stars: Good trailer, but nothing to write home about.

4 Stars: Go watch this trailer now!

I adore the Terminator franchise so much. I have seen the original over 80 times and the second one over 60 times. I think the 3rd one is underrated, but Salvation and Genesys were disasters. James Cameron was bought in to produce Dark Fates and Tim Miller from Deadpool fame came in to help reboot the franchise. The first trailer launched today, did they do a good job? Let’s see.

Good Scenes

There are some good scenes in the trailer. Any scene involving Linda Hamilton as the legendary Sarah Connor is great. It’s always good to see Arnold again, but he is only in the trailer for a few seconds. The new characters look interesting, but we don’t get to know much about them. The locations look gritty and lived in. This gives the movie a throwback look to the first 2 movies.


The CGI looks horrible. T2 was released 27 (almost), 28 years ago, and the special effects in that movie look better than they do in this movie. The hybrid liquid metal terminator looks too clean and fluid. He doesn’t look real. When his face tries to come back together, we automatically know it’s CGI. It doesn’t look authentic in the context of the movie. Some of the action scenes are overblown. The airplane scene at the end was too much, and a terminator spinning in mid-air because another terminator hit them. WHAT? WHY? HOW?

Final Thoughts

The acting looks solid, and this has the feel of a terminator movie. But, the bad CGI and the silly action scenes keep the trailer from getting me excited. I hope Tim Miller and Cameron can pull it off, but this trailer didn’t get me excited.

My rating: 2 Stars, some good acting and locations cannot overcome silly action and bad CGI.

Photo Courtesy of: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/terminator-dark-fate-drops-trailer-1213022

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCyEX6u-Yhs

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