Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct: What To Expect?

The Pokemon company is going to have a Pokemon Direct next Wednesday. What can we expect to see from this? The presentation is supposed to be 15 minutes long, and fans are wondering how much new information will be presented. I got a few ideas, so let’s get to it.

Character Customization

This one is kind of obvious, but you can expect Pokemon Sword and Shield to have some character customization. I think this game will go further than the typical Pokemon game. I think they will add in the ability to customize eyes, lips, faces, height and weight this time around. Wardrobe would be nice too. I would love to outfit my girl with a nice dress. Make it so no1!


They will probably detail a lot about how players can connect and trade Pokemon. I think they’ll put in trading with Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Go. I don’t think a lot of time will spent on this, we know Pokemon is all about trading and connecting to other players.

Game play Details

Don’t expect too much, but there will be some details about some of the new game play and how it will evolve from past Pokemon games. Some gamers are not sold on the game so far. They think it looks too much like the past games, so it is imperative that they show why lapsed fans should buy this game.

Release Date

Expect a middle of November release date. The week before black Friday. That would make sense this being the big holiday game for the Switch.

Then someone will tell everyone thank you for joining them and to expect more news in the future. Then some fans will complain about not enough info, and people like me will tell them. “You do realize they will tell more as we get closer to the release date?” Debates will happen and I’ll roll my eyes. Enjoy everyone, just keep your expectations in check and you’ll be fine.

Photo Courtesy of: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/05/22/pokemon-sword-and-shield-graphics/

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