Avengers Endgame Will Not Beat Avatar’s Global Box Office

After the start Avengers got, you would think that it would have beaten Avatar easily, but Endgame has fallen hard in six weeks and it looks like it is going to miss Avatar’s global box office record by 40 to 50 million. Some Endgame fans are so obsessed with Endgame beating Avatar, they are trashing the new X-Men movie, even before it comes out. This is getting out of hand. If Endgame cannot beat Avatar, then it won’t. Begging people to go see it again and trashing other movies isn’t going to work. Some Marvel fans are getting out of hand with this obsession of beating James Cameron for what he said about Hollywood making too many comic book movies.

We know, some Marvel fans are steaming mad at Cameron for GASP! Saying that there are too many super hero movies. The sky is falling! Help, the world is going to end! It’s not like he’s allowed to speak his mind. The ones who are flipping out are proving his point about the state of movies. Endgame has done terrific! Big deal if it doesn’t beat Avatar. The movie has gotten good reviews and it has been a huge smash hit. That record may never be broken, or it may take another movie. Does it matter? Enjoy your movie and stop obsessing over this, you’ll drive some people crazy with this. I am almost there. Calm down and enjoy your movie Avengers fans.

Photo Courtesy of: https://movieweb.com/avengers-endgame-box-office-beat-avatar-record/

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