Are Slasher Movies Art?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett and Shawn Tackett

Lots of critics jump onto slasher movies. Oh, we’ve heard it before, “This is a brainless slasher movie.” Makes me wonder if critics have an ax to grind with slasher movies. I wish there was another term for that genre. Slasher has been demonized so much when you tell someone your movie is a slasher movie. Boom! It gets negative cogitation. I have been guilty of this myself over the years. Then I have met a lot of good people who have worked on these movies and they seem confused about why their movies get attacked for not being art.

I think we gotta remember that there are people who like slasher movies. They aren’t crazy or dumb. They are people who enjoy slasher movies. There are different reasons why people like these movies. Some people like them for the scares and some people like how simple they are. If we look at slasher movies as pure entertainment, does that make them look better? Then we would be cheating the good movies in the genre. Yes, the original Halloween is a slasher movie. It is also considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Psycho is considered a slasher movie as well. Some critics made the mistake of using broad generalizations to describe slasher movies. Some slasher movies have been great. This means that slasher movies can be art. The key word is can.

I think like anything else, the answer is simple. Are slasher movies art? Only if they’re done right. I named 2 of the best movies of all time, and they’re slasher movies. Slasher movies get a bad reputation because some filmmakers have made bad slasher movies. Do we take away from sci-fi movies because of Annihilation? Do we take away from comedies because of Hangover 3? No, just because there are a lot of bad slasher movies, that doesn’t mean that slasher movies can’t be good. It means that slasher movies need the right director, writer, and staff to make a good movie like any other genre.

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