Some Sony Playstation Fans Are Loosing It

If you’ve seen a fake video claiming that Animal Crossing got delayed, well, it was made by a Sony Playstation fan who hates Nintendo so much, they decided to make a video to troll Animal Crossing fans. Why do this? Why troll fans of a popular game? This is the latest in the ongoing case of Playstation fans cracking up. Why? Here is why.

A lot of it has to do with Sony’s dominance coming to an end. Sony fans have been used to PS brand dominating games. However, the Nintendo Switch is becoming popular among hardcore gamers. Mortal Kombat 11 did great on the Switch! Sonic Racing, Skyrim, Dialbo 3, LA Noire, Doom, Tales of Vesperia, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dark Souls. Some of these games have sold as much, or better on the Switch. This scares some Sony fans. They want people to think their version always sells the most. Why does it matter? As long as the PS version sells and you get the game, does it matter?

Nintendo is doing better, especially with 3rd party game sales. Also, the Switch is going to be the best selling system this year. Again, who cares. The PS4 has done incredible, so who cares if the Switch wins this year. I don’t care if the Switch wins 2020 or not. Does it matter? I want the Switch to do well, I won’t lie, but if it doesn’t win, I can’t change that. Hating on the Playstaion won’t change that. Enjoy your system everyone, don’t lose your mind if your system isn’t number one.

This is sad, let me make this clear. This is not all Sony fans, or even the majority. But, there is a growing number who are flipping out. This is giving the PS community a bad name. Call them out, just like Nintendo fans need to call out their radicals and Microsoft as well. Look at some of the links below. Why would anyone get upset at a 9 score for Uncharted 4? No, seriously, why? Easy Sony fans, it’s ok. Not every game you like will get all perfect scores. Adam Sessler got ran off You Tube because he gave Gears of War 2 a 9.5 and Killzone 2 a 9.4. Yes, some people lost their minds because of 1/10 of a point. I wish I was kidding. Enjoy your games people and stop flipping out over anything. Video games are supposed to be fun.


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