Godzilla VS King Kong Re Shoots: Should We Worry?

Godzilla King of the Monsters is a very good movie, but it isn’t tearing the box office up in America. The head of Warner Bros hints at the release date for Godzilla VS King Kong could be delayed so they can do re-shoots to make the movie, “better.” We’ve heard this before. Re-shoots rarely lead to anything good. I hope it’s not time to panic Godzilla fans. GKOTM will make nearly 500 million worldwide and sell on home video, but Warner isn’t satisfied. They wanted more, and they’re nervous now. Did the re-shoots help the Justice League movie? A big fat NO!

A nervous studio exec never leads to ahyting good. When a studio exec says, “We are delaying the movie so we can make it better.” What we are thinking is, “Oh God, they’re gonna ruin it.” It happens every time they say that. Monsterverse fans deserve a good movie and hastily re-shooting the movie won’t help. If anything, it will make the situation worse. The movie is finished! They had no intentions of delaying it until KOTM didn’t do as expected. You could mess up the entire movie.

Will they take out the subtext of global warming? Will Kong win just to appease the American audience? Will they cut scenes out to make it shorter? These are legitimate concerns and I hope Warner Bros listens to us, the fans. Making changes to the movie may make it worse. It sends a message to the public that you’re not confident in the movie. You are not delaying it because you’re unsatisfied with the product, you are delaying it so you can re-shoot the movie to dumb it down so the movie can appeal to more casual audien e. Don’t do this Warner Bros. It could lead to make matters worse and destroy the monsterverse..

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.appocalypse.co/entertainment/godzilla-vs-kong-date-delay-possible/

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