Mario Maker 2 Critic Predictions and First Week Sales

My prediction for how Mario Maker 2 will do with critics and fans. Mario Maker 2 is the first of the real blockbusters for the Summer of Switch. Here are my thoughts on what the game will get with critics and how many people will buy it in it’s first week.


I think Mario Maker 2 will get a 94 on Opencritic. Critics will love the amount of content, the one player story mode, the creative courses, the multiplayer mode and the sheer amount of tools at your disposal.

Some will find a problem with the interface. Gamexplain has already went into detail, (maybe a little too much detail), on how it has been a challenge to adapt to the new format for Mario Maker 2. This is an adjustment because it is not on the Wii U anymore, so there is no second screen for the Switch. I think the lowest score this game will get is a 7. Out of 170 reviews, I see it mostly getting 9s and 10s, with reviewers being blown away by the massive amount of content and improvements this sequel makes. Some will give the game 8s and maybe a couple will give it a 7. Overall, a 94.

First week sales

Mario Maker 2 is doing great in the pre-orders, so it won’t be a surprise to see it debut big. How big? I think it could do Pokemon Let’s Go numbers. Around 3 million it’s opening week, with Japan and America being the 2 biggest markets. Fans will go crazy with the tool set you get and the multiplayer aspect. The marketing is great as well. This is getting fans pumped for the game. Mario Maker 2 is no1 on Amazon’s best selling video games. This game will sell over 10 million easily. It could crack 15 million by the end of the year. Do not underestimate Mario, many of us have made that mistake before, well not me, not this time.

What do you think? Do you think I will be right? Or am I off my rocker? Let me know with comments. Thank you so much for reading. Keep on gaming.


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