Nintendo Switch Lite Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Shawn Tackett

The Nintendo Switch Lite is real. It is coming this September on the 20th and it will retail for $200 dollars. That’s not too bad. This review is based only on the video presentation and not actual time playing it.


Sleek, compact and cute by design. Koizumi did a great job with the aesthetic for the Switch Lite. It has a d-pad now for everyone who wanted a d-pad and 3 attractive colors.

Rating for design: 4 stars


You can play 95% of the Switch games on the Switch Lite. Since the Switch has one of the best line ups in gamimg. That’s good enough for me.

Rating: 4 Stars


This is the weakest part of the Switch Lite. No detachable Joy Cons, HD Rumble, or IR camera. This is a dedicated portable and doesn’t have too many features.

Rating: 2 Stars


200 bucks is 100 dollars cheaper than the mainline Switch. This is a great price point for anyone who wants a Switch, but can’t afford 300 bucks for one. With a great screen, controls and library of games, the Switch Lite is worth every penny.

Rating: 4 Stars

This is a great addition to the Switch line. Remember, this is a name brand recognition, you can’t Switch it from handheld to dock mode. But, you get to play Switch games, which in my eyes, makes it a Switch system.

Regardless of what Nintendo says, this is the 3ds replacement, and it’s a great one. This is not for people who already own a Switch. This is for kids and families who are buying Pokemon, also people whose job takes them away from home too much. They’ll have something to play. The Switch Lite launches on September 20th for 200 dollars. Is it worth it? Yes.

Over all rating: 4 stars.

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