Will Ariana Grande Retire?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett
One of my favorite young artist is Ariana Grande. She has a gorgeous voice and she does know how to mix jazz, pop, r&b and blues together for a unique sound. Sad thing is, she is now struggling with severe PTSD after some bad incidents in her life happened. She cried on stage a week ago and people started to worry about her. It got me to thinking, will she have to retire?

I hope not, she is a very talented singer, but if she can’t go on because of journalist who try to harass her for ratings and online trolls who don’t care about someone’s health, she may have no choice. I hope she can get it under control and do what she needs to do to feel better. I don’t think a lot of people really understand how bad mental illnesses can be. I have anxiety and depression, so I know what about that. I just hope Ariana can find a way to deal with this. PTSD is worse than anxiety and depression. I know someone who has it who can barely function some days. When you’re an artist, you can’t pick and chose the days you can function sadly.

But, Ariana’s fans are so wonderful. They have been supportive and caring. They worry more about her health than they do their tickets they bought and that shows a lot of character by you all. Here is hoping Ariana can learn to deal with this and go on, but if she can’t. Let’s enjoy the time she does perform and the music she gives us.

Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2019/04/12/ariana-grande-shares-shocking-brain-scan-photos-showing-her-ptsd/3446907002/

Photo Courtesy of: https://www.viagogo.com/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/Ariana-Grande-Tickets

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