Billie Eilish: How Good is She Really?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Billie Eilish is the hottest musical act going today. She is selling great on the album charts, and some of her songs hit the top of the charts. She is very popular and a lot of times, popular artists are not very good. I wanted to look at Billie through an objective lens. How good is she? Is she an artist, or is she a smokescreen created by creative producers? Let’s find out.

Singing ability
Billie has a sad and soulful voice. It gets the job done for the type of songs she sings. There is a problem with her voice, she doesn’t have a diverse one. She doesn’t have the vocal range of Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga. To be blunt, her voice isn’t her strong suit, but her voice does a good job of helping deliver her songs.

Score: 2 Stars, a decent voice that lacks range and power, but it fits the type of songs she does.

Here is Billie’s strong suit. Her words pierce through the heart and stick in your mind. Billie goes places that most young artists won’t. She does a great job balancing sentiment and realism. Billie’s songs don’t get bogged down by hammering the message on you. It naturally flows, which makes it seem organic. Singing may not be her strong suit, but writing is.

Score: 4 stars, a genius writer who knows how to craft a great song.

Hit and Miss. Some of her songs are perfectly produced, some are a complete mess. On some songs, the production comes off as forced, trying too hard to impress the listener. Other songs seem to come from the heart. She is young, so I think she will get better in this area, but she has a long way to go before she perfects her sound. For such an independent singer, she doesn’t speak her mind enough when it comes to producing her music. Here’s hoping she can find that independent voice that fits her wonderful lyrics.

Score: 3 Stars, she has a good ear for music, too bad she is inconsistent about her tone. Hopefully, she will find a voice as she matures.
Billie is very talented, but she needs to grow in some areas like her voice and produce.

My overall score for Billie is 3 stars out of 4. A good artist, who has the potential to be one of the best artists of this generation. Here’s hoping she gets better. I do want to like her more.


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