All The Good Girls Go To Hell: Song Review

Billie Eilish has a new song called all the good girls go to hell. She also put out a new video of it, so I am here to review it.

Billie is known for her creative writing, so I am sad to say this song has nothing memorable to it. The lyrics are the standard faux pass for rebellion. We never get to know why all the good girls go to hell. There is no clear message in this song. Very disappointing.

Nothing special. The music sounds like grunge mixed with pop. Nothing stands out about the music, and the song takes itself too serious. This could’ve been a fun tongue-in-cheek song, but the music is too bland and boring for that.

The video shows Billie growing wings in the beginning. Is she supposed to be a fallen angel? This video is drab and void of life. Music videos are one of Billie’s weakest categories. Watching her videos is the equivalent of watching paint dry. Never mind, the paint may give you something different to look at.

Final Grade
Billie has a few good songs, but this isn’t one of them. Forgettable lyrics and bland production sink what could’ve been a great song. I know Billie wanted to do a girl power statement, but we have to be invested in the lyrics and music to care. This could’ve been a great song showcasing how society looks at powerful women. Instead, it’s a forgettable song with nothing to remember.

Grade: 1 Star

Billie shows her young age on this song. A better songwriter could’ve made this a satirical masterpiece, but this is forgettable and bland.

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