She Hulk Caused A Stir On Twitter

Some men were upset when they saw that a live-action TV show is being made about the comic book heroine She-Hulk. This puzzles me. How is having a few shows (Supergirl and now She-Hulk), erasing male super heroes? Arrow had a show, The Flash is still on, Smallville, and the original Hulk have all had TV shows.

Guys, you still have shows for you. You still have male characters who are saving the day and protecting their loved ones. What is wrong with women having a few shows that show that? It doesn’t make you obsolete. All it means is there are shows for women who are super heroes. She Hulk has a rich history, I like her better than the Hulk myself.

People get upset over anything now. If someone is making a female super hero show, who cares! Don’t watch it, it’s as simple as that. What you guys do when you get this mad is show how insecure strong women make you. Come on guys, you’re better then that. She-Hulk power!

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