The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

I adore the fifty’s style, so when I see a show about the fifty’s, I get excited. When Amazon started airing this show called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I had to check it out. I am four episodes in, and I like it. How much? That’s what the review is for.

The cast is up to the task. Rachel Brosnahan sparkles as the lead. She brings warmth, energy, and cuteness to Midge. She makes her relatable and real. The real scene-stealer is Alex Borstein, who destroys every scene she’s in. Her sassy attitude shines, and she gets the best jokes in the show. If there is one criticism about the acting, it’s the men. They’re not given deep characters. Clueless dad and cheating husband are two examples. None of the men can stand up to the wonderful women. That does bring down the acting some.

The screenplays are funny, sharp, but cliched. Sometimes the show goes from heartfelt humor to cold as ice in seconds. I don’t think it fits the show. The jokes are funny, they give the women characters a lot of depth, not enough for the men, and the tone shifts too much at times. Writing isn’t the strong suit of this show. It is good, but not great. More consistency would help.

The directing is crisp, clean, and captures the look and feel of the fifty’s. From the clothes to the look of the homes. No detail goes overlooked. What a great job they do on each episode to make the tempo flow nicely and keep the look authentic. The best part of the show is directing.

Some of the jokes and language come off as cheap shocks. Lots of cussing, too much at times. How many people do you know who curse like that? Male characters are not up to par with the women counterparts, and the stories get cliched. She gets on stage, and people love her, but she doesn’t think she can do it. Will she? What do you think? We know the answer to this. There’s no suspense.

I don’t love the Marvelous Mrs. Masiel, but I do like it. Some cliches bring the showdown, and the inconsistency in tone keeps it from being, well, marvelous! This isn’t the type of show I will watch over and over. It is a show I can watch once and have fun with.

Grade: 3 Stars, a good drama, comedy with some great acting and directing. However, the cliches and shift in tone keep it from being great.

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