Billie Eilish Song Review: Everything I Wanted

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

Billie Eilish is considered a trailblazer for modern music. The problem with this statement is, she sounds a lot like Fiona Apple from the past. Billie’s new song sounds straight out of the Fiona Apple playbook.

Lyrics: We’ve heard em before. It is a song about how all we ever wanted was right in front of us. It is a tribute to her brother, which is nice, but the lyrics are nothing special.

Music: Not bad, but nothing that stands out either. I hate Bad Guy, but that song does stand out. This sounds too much like a Fiona Apple song called Across the Universe. There is nothing original about the sound.

Singing: Billie’s voice is smooth and the delivery is good. Her singing is probably the best part of the song.

Final Verdict: This is not the worst song Billie has done, but it is not the best either. Billie isn’t a great artist, but she can do some good music when she wants. This song is lazy and uninspired I am sad to say.

Grade: C-70


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