Defending the Star Wars Prequels

I love Star Wars. I loved the original trilogy, AND I love the prequels! You heard me! I love Episodes 1, 2, and 3. This blog is centered on what the prequels did right, why they are great and why you should watch them.

Unique Worlds 

Mustafar and Naboo are incredible worlds. Both of them are brimming with unique creatures and gorgeous vistas. I loved the underwater city of Otoh Gunga, home of the Gungans. Mustafar scared me with scorching lava and terrifying creatures. I loved episodes seven, eight, and nine, but none of their worlds could touch the wonder of the worlds that I saw in the prequels.

Jar Jar Binks 

At me, you come bro! That’s right, I said it. Do you have a problem with this? Jar Jar is such a unique character. No one talks like him, look like him or act like him. He got so much unnecessary hate. He bought so much innocence and joy to the screen. I have watched Episode one over twenty times, and he is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. He made me laugh and look at life with joy instead of cynicism. 

The Best Light-saber Duels 

The crackling of the blades never felt so intense. The acrobatics, verity, and intensity of these battles outdo the sequels in every way shape and form. Getting to see Yoda in a light-saber duel alone, is worth the price of admission. Anakin and Obi-Wan’s fight will break your heart. Nothing in the sequels comes close to these fights. 

More Palpatine 

You can never have enough Palpatine! One of the greatest screen villains ever. Palpatine becomes a fully realized character in the prequels. He’s not a one-note evil politician. He wants to end the conflict and bring order to the galaxy. Seeing his point of view makes him relatable. He thinks he is doing the right thing, even if we know better. 

Deeper Mythology 

The prequels expanded on what happened to the republic. How Palpatine got control of the government and how powerful the Jedi were. It showed how the Jedi let their overconfidence cloud their judgment. The Jedi didn’t think the Sith would come into power again. The prequels also dealt with the governing side of the Star Wars universe. The prequels helped the Star Wars universe become richer and more diverse mythology.

The Clone Wars TV Show

I don’t need to say anything else. The best-animated show, ever. “This is the animated show you’ve been looking for.”

Final Thoughts 

From fan-favorite new characters, legendary scenes, and a grad conclusion, the prequels are not bad movies. They do a great job of world-building an already rich universe. Two of the best Star Wars products were made, (The Clone Wars and Rebels) and the prequels introduced us to some of the best worlds I’ve ever seen in any form of media. I know the prequels are not perfect, but I think you should give them a chance. Don’t listen to the haters, open your mind, and explore wondrous worlds with fantastic characters. May the force be with you, always. 

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