NFL Teams That Could Be The Next Dynasty

It’s safe to say that the New England Patriot’s run is over. With a new decade comes new teams that could be the next Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers or Steelers. Let’s get to cracking. These picks are in no particular order.

Tennessee Titans. The Titans have an incredible defense, a great running game, and offensive line. They have a lot of the tools to win two or three Super Bowls. The big question mark for the Titans is their quarterback.

San Francisco Forty-Niners. They’ve had one dynasty, and this group of young stars looks like they could be another. Nick Bosa is a future HOF, Garoppolo is a good quarterback, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers. Also, Kittle is not an elite tight end. They have a great shot, but they got to fill in a few spots before they can do it.

Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have a great defense, offensive line, and a great running game. What the Vikings don’t have is a top tier QB. If the Vikings had someone like Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson, they would be a dynasty.

Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a great QB, running game and offensive line. They don’t have an elite defense though to complete the package. The Chiefs are close to being a dynasty.

Jacksonville Jaguars. Josh Allen. That’s all I need to say. Allen is on his way to being the best defensive player the NFL has seen in decades. He had nearly eleven sacks, forty-two tackles, and two forced fumbles. He is a rookie, that’s the scary part. If the Jags can get an elite QB, and some great receivers, they will win two or three Super Bowls. Allen is that good.

The Baltimore Ravens. They’re a safe pick, but a great pick. The Ravens have everything a team needs to be a dynasty. A play-making QB, a great running game, and defense give them a great chance to be a dynasty. Their biggest flaw is their wide receivers who are average at best. The teams who beat Baltimore shut Jackson down to force the Ravens to win by using their wide receivers. Jackson is an elite talent who deserves better receivers. The Ravens would be a dynasty if they had better wide-outs.

The Cincinnati Bengals. Don’t laugh at this pick. They have the best tight end in the league Tyler Eifert, Geno Atkins is one of the best DTs in the league and AJ Green who is arguably the best wide receiver when he is healthy. The Bengals need to fix their offensive line, they need a middle linebacker, and they need to draft a QB. If the Bengals draft Joe Burrows, that could tip the scale in their favor to be the next great dynasty. The Bengals could win three or four Super Bowls.

Do you agree? Who do you think could be the NFL’s next great dynasty?

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