Why I love The Legend of Zelda So Much!

What A Wonderful Franchise!

By Michelle Lynn Tackett

The Mythology

The timeline is convoluted, (there are three timelines), but the core mythology is mesmerizing. Three Goddesses built the world of Hyrule, and made the Triforce to grant a wish to the person who has all three pieces. The three pieces are made up of, courage, power and wisdom. Gannon is power, Zelda is wisdom and Link is courage.

Three different timelines can be a bit confusing, but the clear story telling keeps the mythos from falling apart. This helped with future titles. Some title’s story takes place in one timeline, while another will be in a different timeline. It takes skilled hands to navigate multiple timelines and Nintendo has done a great job keeping the timeline from becoming confusing.

Link and Zelda’s Love Story (Sort of)

Forbidden love, or love that is close, but so far away, can be the most appealing love story for audiences. The Legend of Zelda has done this song and dance with Link and Zelda for nearly 30 years. They work together, they fight evil together, but they never end up together. Oh, the agony! Will Link and Zelda ever get together in a Zelda game? I hope so, but the chase is half the fun.

Link and Zelda are so Cute!

The Characters!

Every beloved series relies on memorable characters to keep audiences enthralled for generations. Zelda is no different. The gameplay is the queen in this game series, but the characters are so charming, cute, quirky, and sweet that you make emotional connections with them.

Link, Epona, Zelda, Impa, Gannon, Demise, Malson, Arbosa, Tingle, Beetle, and Marin. These are names that mean as much to Zelda fans like me as Luke, Han, Leia, and Vader mean to Star Wars fans. They have personalities, emotions, and great appeal. The appealing characters are one of the big reasons I revisit Zelda games over and over. They are like friends I want to see again in the game.

What a Wonderful Group of Characters!

The Memorable Moments!

From Link getting Epona for the first time to Zelda trying to help Link battle Gannondorf, the Legend of Zelda is chock-full of great moments that you want to watch, or experience, over and over again. Some moments are scary, funny and some are sad, but they will stick with you no matter what reaction you get from them.

So Many Great Moments!


I have been playing Zelda games my whole life. From the original to Triforce Heroes, and Breath of the Wild. There isn’t a Zelda game that I haven’t completed. I love going back to old Zelda games to relieve the great gameplay, great characters, story, and mythology. Zelda’s whole package is appealing to a generation of gamers. That is why Zelda endures over time. Other franchises can learn from Zelda.

Photo Courtesy of: https://www.nintendoreporters.com/en/news/nintendo-switch/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-new-sales-record/




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