Nintendo Switch Sales Are Monstrous!

It’s not the holidays, and the Nintendo Switch is selling over 500k units weekly during September. Imagine what it will be like during the holiday season. Age of Calamity, Mario 3D All-Stars, and third-party games will keep the momentum going. Also, the evergreens from Nintendo will help boost sales. BOTW, Odyssey, Three Houses, Pokemon, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Smash Ulitmate. People can get a Switch, plus four great games and a controller for the price of one of the newer high-end machines.

Keeping the Momentum Going!

The Switch has a chance to do better next year. The lineup is already shaping up to be legendary. Monster Hunter Rise, Stories 2, NMH3, SMTV, possible games include Bayonetta 3 and BOTW 2. That is one heck of a lineup!
With the Switch’s install base heading towards 75 million by the end of the year, expect companies like Capcom, Square/Enix, Bethesda, Sega, and indy companies to bring out great exclusives that take advantage of the Switch. Until the new Xbox and PS establish a userbase, having games on the Switch will keep the sales going for companies.

BOTW 2 could come out in 2021

Switch is Setting Records!

Nintendo put up their second-quarter earnings, and the results are smashing. The Switch sold nearly 7 million units, with Mario 3D All-Stars selling over 5 million copies in two weeks, and Paper Mario and the Origami King sold 2.8 million copies. With the holidays coming up, the Switch could pass 80 million by the end of the year. With blockbusters like Mario 3D word, Bravely Default 2, and Monster Hunter Rise coming out in the first three months, the Switch doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


The doubters are eating their words. First, they thought the Switch would fail. After the system sold great, then they said it would slow down after a few years, and finally, it changed to “When the new systems come out, the Switch is toast.” That didn’t happen. The Switch is hotter than it’s ever been. With releases like BOTW 2, NMH3, MHR, and others coming in 2021, the Switch will have a long lifespan.

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