Little Monsters Review!

A horror comedy is only as good as the heart it has. A comedy with a heart will exhibit great laughs, a comedy with no heart will leave you cold. If that’s the case, Little Monsters is one monster of a comedy.


A simple story of a young man named David trying to get his life together. He meets Miss Caroline who teaches his nephew at school. David is smitten by her and goes on a field trip to get close to her. Wackiness ensues.

The story isn’t the most original, but the way the screenplay wisely chooses character moments over plot devices gives LM a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see a movie that doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary plot devices, or gimmicks for shock value. Credit to screenwriter Abe Forsythe for keeping it simple and focused.


David is your typical lost millennial, who can’t hold down a job or a relationship. At first, I wrote off David as another clueless guy who can’t get his life together. As the movie progresses, David’s character shows depth making him relatable and a character you can care about.

Miss Caroline is an angel sent to Earth. She protects the children with all of her might, and she is a momma bear when anyone messes with them. She does have a different side that shows up later in the movie.

The children are sweethearts! You care about them and the trials they face. So many horror comedies take the route of having a bratty kid or kids for “laughs” in Little Monsters, the children’s adorable reactions to their problems are where the laughs come from and it works to perfection.


Abe does an ample job giving visual grandiose to each scene. Small details pepper the background with visual gags and movie references galore. Star Wars fans will get a kick out of the big reference and small ones.

The pacing is excellent. Abe knows when to slow down the scares to give the audience a breather, but he also knows when to kick it into high gear and get back to moving the story along. Thank goodness the movie doesn’t overdo the closeup shots. Some horror movies overdo the Mario Bava shot to look cool! It’s cool when it fits the scene and Abe doesn’t do any shots for wow effect. He uses the camera to tell a simple, but effective story. Bravo!


The only flaws I can find are a few characters who can come off as cliched. But, thanks to smart writing, they end up fresh and relatable. Some people may not like how slow the pacing is in the first act. This doesn’t bother me, but if you’re looking for a slambang movie, this won’t be for you.

That is all I can think of.


Little Monsters is chock-full of monster laughs, monster scares, and one monster of a heart. For all the great scares and laughs, it’s the heart that takes Little Monsters above its modern contemporaries.

If you love movies like Shaun of the Dead and American Warewolf in London. You’ll love Little Monsters. Crisp colors, smart pacing, good acting, big laughs, and scares make Little Monsters a modern horror-comedy classic.

A wonderful horror-comedy is full of monster laughs, scares, and tears. You can watch Little Monsters on Hulu. Grade: 10/10.

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