Why Capcom is the Best 3rd Party!

Written by Michelle Lynn Tackett

No third-party company has been hotter than Capcom. From Resident Evil 2 to the upcoming Monster Hinter Rise, Capcom has been slaying it when it comes to new releases. Their games are winning the hearts of gamers the world over, and with hot upcoming releases, Capcom doesn’t look to be slowing down.

Capcom has been on a hot streak for the last 3 tears. Why are their games so great? Why are they so hot right now? Here are 3 reasons why Capcom is the best 3rd party company right now?


Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 7, DMCV, and Ghosts N Goblins Ressurection (sorry western game trolls er critics), have all been amazing games! The last Capcom game that wasn’t that good was Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, but the rest of their lineup has been pure fire!

Mega Man 11 is considered the best Mega Man game since the early games. Phoenix Right, Okami, and DMC3 special edition have been incredible. Re-release of classics like Dragon’s Dogma has also been top-notch and shows the company knows what they are doing.

Listening to Consumers

Capcom is not putting in loot boxes or microtransactions for upcoming releases. They learned their lesson from Street Fighter V, and are choosing to focus on the game quality instead of milking the customers dry. Realizing they made a mistake is a great way to build trust with your fanbase for future releases.

Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village’s pre-orders have done incredible (well, the PS4 version). That has to do with a stream of quality releases. Capcom is the antithesis of EA and Activision. Their games release with full content and free updates if it isn’t in the game at first. Monster Hunter World got a lot better after all the free updates, which helped keep World in the top sellers for years. That is smart a smart business model.

Knowing their Audience!

Capcom is making the Switch their top priority. Big exclusives like GNGR, Monster Hinter Rise, and Stories 2, shows Capcom knows their audience and what they like. This is why games like Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2 have done huge numbers. Because Capcom knows the audience, what systems they own, and what they want from these games.

Capcom is also smart to stick to what they know. They know action is their strong point and they stick to it, unlike certain companies, (cough, Square Enix), Capcom stays right in the old wheelhouse and the great results show. Capcom doesn’t try to be the biggest company, they know their strengths and limitations. That is what the best companies do.


No 3rd party company has had a hot streak like this since the days of Konami back in the early to late 90s. Capcom is setting the video game world on fire and it is showing in the game sales and satisfaction from their customers are a recipe for continued success for Capcom. This will ensure they won’t have a dry spell as they did back in the early 2010s.

Hopefully, Capcom won’t get complacent or lazy. Ask CD Projekt Red, any company can go from hero to zero in one move. If Capcom focuses on what they do right, sticking to what they know, and being somewhat consumer-friendly, then Capcom will have a bright future ahead.

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