TNT BIG SHOW is our new name to give it more pizzazz and excitement. Anyway, this is breaking news being posted about here first! Retro Studios is hiring for an environmental artist! The posting is on their website, and it is a contract position.

The listing mentions the position is for multiple projects. It is exciting to know that Retro has more than Metroid Prime 4 in development. Since it is a contract position, that means one of the projects could be nearing completion. I hope Retro unveils what they’ve been working on soon. You saw this on TNT BIG SHOW first!

Source: Retro Studios

TNT Big Show! is run by a brother and sister who love arts and entertainment. We like to report on legitimate content and not clickbait.

Source for info: https://careers.nintendo.com/job-openings/listing/200000009M.html?src=CWS-10000&loc=retro

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Michelle Lynn Tackett loves reading, playing video games, anime, and vintage movies. Michelle does articles for Miketendo64 and Zelda Universe. Michelle loves RPGs, especially JRPGs. Has watched hundreds of TV shows and thousands of movies.

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I love entertainment. It helps me feel good and it helps shape my mind and values. Arts and entertainment mean so much to me and my sister, that's why we decided to start a blog to share our love of all things entertainment.

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