Monster Hunter Rise Changed the Game!

We’ve heard the excuses that 3rd parties who don’t support the Switch make for not supporting the system. However, Capcom’s newest blockbuster Monster Hunter Rise blew away any doubt about how exclusive 3rd party games can sell on the Nintendo Switch. With MHR being a huge success, 3rd party companies who don’t support the Switch have run out of excuses and it’s time for 3rd parties to support the Switch or get out of the way.

According to NPD, from Ventura Beat, Crash Bandicoot 4 saw a huge boost in sales from the Switch version giving more proof that 3rd party games sell in big numbers from the Switch. Games like GTA V, Madden, and COD would get a huge boost by appearing on the Switch. Why aren’t these games on the Switch? There is no justification for this. The CEOs of your companies are doing a terrible job at keeping up with what your customers want.

EA, Activision, and Take2, the days of ignoring the Switch should be over. Lots of 3rd party games are selling great on the Switch. If you don’t want to make more money, that shows a lack of business savvy. The Switch is the best selling system on the market and not supporting it shows bad business management on your part. Capcom showed that blockbuster 3rd party games will sell like crazy on the Switch. No more excuses!

Monster Hunter Rise is a MONSTER HIT!

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Source: Ventura Beat

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