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Written by Michelle Lynn Tackett

Did you just see the Ubisoft Forward presentation? Even people who didn’t like the presentation said that Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope blew them away. E3 is here, and what a way to kick it off with the sequel to one of the best strategy games of this generation.

The trailer was high production with CGI that looked like Pixar quality animation and detail. The in-game footage looked amazing too, with bigger worlds that are more open like the worlds in Xenoblade Chronicles. It looks a lot bigger in scope than the first Mario+Rabbids game and the good news is, the gang is back and they are just as funny and quirky as before.

The tone of the game is darker than the first one. The areas are more varied as well with ice worlds, broken mansions, desserts, and ice worlds. Ubisoft could’ve taken the lazy way out by giving us more areas with a kingdom and new characters. That would’ve been ok with me, but they went the extra mile with planets! That’s right, planets! Each planet you can explore at your own pace, it isnt linear like the first game.

Get hyped! Mario is back with his pals the Rabbids!

According to IGN, the game will be 3x bigger, there will be lots of NPC’s who you can talk to, side quests, and full-on planets with unique enemies, which are fully explorable and mysterious puzzles to solve. Sign me up!

The gameplay has evolved. It isn’t like X-Com anymore, it is free with real-time movement and partner combat. Ubisoft is finding a way to keep the series fresh. This seems more like a Nintendo game than a Ubisoft game.

Mario+Rabbids has been the early highlight of the E3 so far. The big worlds, fantastic new characters (Rosalina Rabbids is a star)! Funny humor, fresh gameplay, and bigger scope make this game a standout. Too bad we gotta wait until 2022 for the game to release, but it will be worth it.

Also, go to the link to our video where Shawn and I do a video reaction and make a fool out of ourselves. 😆

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Yes Mario Rabbid, we are in love with this game too!

Article: IGN

Photo Courtesy of: Games Radar

Photo Courtesy of: Nintendo

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