Welcome to TNT-E! Our names are Michelle Lynn Tackett and Shawn Tackett. We love arts and entertainment, so we want to share our passion with you. That is why we started this website, to give you our views on what is good, and bad. What we love and hate.

My name is Michelle Lynn Tackett. I adore Nintendo games, anime, pop princesses, country, and blues music. I love Sci-Fi, and vintage TV, music, and movies.

My name is Shawn Tackett. I love Nintendo games, horror movies, country music, and thrillers. I also do the voices for Mr. Monkey and Mr. Hopper.

We will review the latest hits, but also spotlight indie music, movies, and games. We also take suggestions, so if you have a movie, game, CD, or book for us to review, send it our way, and we will review it.

So, join our blog! Read our posts, we have lots for you to dig into. We love hearing from you, so please don’t be afraid to tell us if we are wrong.

Let’s build something together.

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