Happy 8th Anniversary Shin Megami Tensei IV!

With the upcoming release of SMT V coming soon, it is a nice reminder that SMT IV came out on the 3DS 8 years ago. Thank you Stealth for the tweet reminding us of this Here is hoping that we get more info on SMT V soon. Long live JRPGs! Photo Courtesy of: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2013/5/29/4375338/shin-megami-tensei-ivs-director-reflects-on-the-subtractive-process Source:Continue reading “Happy 8th Anniversary Shin Megami Tensei IV!”

My Favorite Entertainment Franchises

This is about my favorite franchises in any form of entertainment. This is not a best list, but my favorite list. Let’s get started. 10: Star Trek. I adore Star Trek. My favorite ST show is Star Trek DS9. The movies have been a mixed bag, but it never took my love away from StarContinue reading “My Favorite Entertainment Franchises”

The Video Game Media Is A Joke

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Would you give a game a great score if it was boring, repetitive and tedious? No, but a lot of journalists are giving Death Stranding great reviews. Death Stranding is a 6 at best. Yes, Death Stranding tries to be ambitious, however, it’s not well-executed. A lot of ‘positive’ reviews forContinue reading “The Video Game Media Is A Joke”