Billie Eilish Song Review: Everything I Wanted

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Billie Eilish is considered a trailblazer for modern music. The problem with this statement is, she sounds a lot like Fiona Apple from the past. Billie’s new song sounds straight out of the Fiona Apple playbook. Lyrics: We’ve heard em before. It is a song about how all we ever wantedContinue reading “Billie Eilish Song Review: Everything I Wanted”

All The Good Girls Go To Hell: Song Review

Billie Eilish has a new song called all the good girls go to hell. She also put out a new video of it, so I am here to review it. Lyrics Billie is known for her creative writing, so I am sad to say this song has nothing memorable to it. The lyrics are theContinue reading “All The Good Girls Go To Hell: Song Review”

Billie Eilish: How Good is She Really?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Billie Eilish is the hottest musical act going today. She is selling great on the album charts, and some of her songs hit the top of the charts. She is very popular and a lot of times, popular artists are not very good. I wanted to look at Billie through anContinue reading “Billie Eilish: How Good is She Really?”

Billie Eilish Will Be This Generation’s Big Talent

By Michelle Lynn TackettI have been hearing about Billie Eilish for the last 6 months and I decided to take a real listen to a lot of her music and some of it I thought was ok, some I did not like, but I can tell she is gonna be the next decade’s big artist.Continue reading “Billie Eilish Will Be This Generation’s Big Talent”

Billboard 200: Billie Eilish Is No1!

According to the new Billboard 200, Billie Elish is no1, she is also no19. Beyonce also has two albums in the top 20. Queen is in the top 20 as well. A Star Is Born is also still in the top 20. Link: Photo Courtesy of: