How Will Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Do?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Star Wars is not as big as it used to be. The thought of a Star Wars movie coming out, drove people up the wall with excitement. This one has a lot of people worried. Will JJ pull it off? Will it be a disaster? How well will it do? Let’sContinue reading “How Will Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Do?”

Box Office Predictions: John Wick Knocks Out Avengers

John Wick 3 will be no1 with 49-53 million. Avengers will be 2nd with 27-29 million and Detective Pikachu will be 3rd with 22-24 million. Those are my predictions. Let’s see if they come true or not on Monday. Photo Courtesy Of:

The Biggest Little Farm Is An Indie Darling

Let’s not forget about indie movies. People get swept up by big tent pole releases, let’s not forget about small movies that tell good stories like the Biggest Little Farm is doing very well in limited release. The critical and fan word of mouth is incredible. It could be the indie hit of the summer.Continue reading “The Biggest Little Farm Is An Indie Darling”

Avengers Endgame Edges Out Detective Pikachu

Avengers is estimated to make 63 million, which is good enough for 1st place. Detective Pikachu made nearly 59 million which is good enough for 2nd place. Worldwide, Avengers added another 100 million and Detrctive Pikachu made 105 million. John Wick 3 comes out next weekend, will it topple Avengers? We’ll see. Link: PhotoContinue reading “Avengers Endgame Edges Out Detective Pikachu”

Godzilla King of the Monsters Is A Monster-Sized Smash! Great Early Reviews.

Warner Bros is so proud of Godzilla King of the Monsters, they’ve been screening it almost a month before it comes out and so far, people are giving this movie astounding reviews. For all the box office “experts” who have this movie at 50 million it’s opening weekend. I will just say this, you’re outContinue reading “Godzilla King of the Monsters Is A Monster-Sized Smash! Great Early Reviews.”

Avengers Endgame Stays No1 At the Box Office

No surprise that early estimates have Avengers Endgame at no1, but if early estimates hold, it didn’t beat The Force Awakens for highest grossing second weekend. 146 million is incredible, but this is a huge fall off from 357 million from it’s debut weekend and 3 million short of the second weekend record. Avengers didContinue reading “Avengers Endgame Stays No1 At the Box Office”

Top 10 Movies At the Summer Box Office

Here is our opinion for what the top 10 movies at the summer box office will be and how much they will make. Here we go! 1: Avengers Endgame-750 million. Easy choice, but it is the truth. This movie will smash a lot of records this summer. 2: Detective Pikachu-340 million. Yes, we said itContinue reading “Top 10 Movies At the Summer Box Office”

Avengers Endgame Smashes Expectations!

According to Variety, Avengers Endgame is on it’s way to a 310-340 million opening weekend in the US alone. I had it at 290 million, so I was wrong, so congrats Avengers Endgame on a record breakinh debut. Can this movie beat Avatar’s global box office? We shall see, but it’s off to one heckContinue reading “Avengers Endgame Smashes Expectations!”

Box Office Predictions

Here are my weekly box office predictions. I predict what will make money and see if I get it right. We all know Avengers Endgame will be number one. The only question is, by how much? Well, here we go. I am gonna go with 270-290 million. I know some are precting over 300 million,Continue reading “Box Office Predictions”

Avengers Endgame Breaks Opening Night Record!

According to Variety, Avengers Endgame earned sixty million on It’s opening night. That barely beat Star Wars The Force Awakens, which earned fifty seven million. Looks like Avengers is on pace for a record breaking weekend. Good reviews from critics and fans will help the word of mouth and keep the momentum going. Are youContinue reading “Avengers Endgame Breaks Opening Night Record!”