How Will Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Do?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Star Wars is not as big as it used to be. The thought of a Star Wars movie coming out, drove people up the wall with excitement. This one has a lot of people worried. Will JJ pull it off? Will it be a disaster? How well will it do? Let’sContinue reading “How Will Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Do?”

Pokemon Sword and Shield Sales and Critical Predictions

By Michelle Lynn Tackett and Shawn Tackett The biggest release of the year is coming out this Friday. Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here is my sales and critical predictions. Critical Pokemon games do around 82-88 so I think this one will do around 85-88. People will love the new Pokemon, graphics, open world and gameplay.Continue reading “Pokemon Sword and Shield Sales and Critical Predictions”

Astral Chain Sales and Critic Predictions

Nintendo is on a roll with Mario Maker 2, MUA 3 and FETH being big hits. In 19 days, add another hit to that list. Astral Chain comes out August 30th and it could be a huge new IP for Nintendo. Here are my predictions for it’s sales and critical reception. Let’s go! Critic predictionsContinue reading “Astral Chain Sales and Critic Predictions”

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Critic and Sales Prediction

My new blog is a prediction piece on how Fire Emblem Three Houses will do commercially and critically.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Critical and Sales Predictions

I was a little off on Mario Maker 2, but it ended up with an 89 on Opencritic. It also sold great, so I wasn’t far off. Now, I am turning my attention to Nintendo’s next big title, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I am going to predict how many copies it will sell and howContinue reading “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Critical and Sales Predictions”

Are Slasher Movies Art?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett and Shawn Tackett Lots of critics jump onto slasher movies. Oh, we’ve heard it before, “This is a brainless slasher movie.” Makes me wonder if critics have an ax to grind with slasher movies. I wish there was another term for that genre. Slasher has been demonized so much when youContinue reading “Are Slasher Movies Art?”

Annihilation Review: Worth Your Time?

Review by Michelle Lynn Tackett Ratings: 1 Star: Help me! I need to stop watching this crap! 2 stars: Not bad, but not good. 3 Stars: A good movie that I enjoyed. 4 Stars: A must watch. A classic you won’t regret watching. I often say that moviegoers don’t listen to critics enough. People missContinue reading “Annihilation Review: Worth Your Time?”

Godzilla King of the Monsters Is A Monster-Sized Smash! Great Early Reviews.

Warner Bros is so proud of Godzilla King of the Monsters, they’ve been screening it almost a month before it comes out and so far, people are giving this movie astounding reviews. For all the box office “experts” who have this movie at 50 million it’s opening weekend. I will just say this, you’re outContinue reading “Godzilla King of the Monsters Is A Monster-Sized Smash! Great Early Reviews.”

John Wick 3 Reviews Are Great!

Critics are raving about the new John Wick movie. Currently, it’s setting at a 96 on Rotten Tomatoes. It will probably go no1 next weekend. I’ve never been a fan of John Wick, buy good for it. Link: Photo Courtesy of:

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Reviews Are In. The Video Game Movie Curse is Finally Over!

The early reviews for Detective Pikachu are in and they’re glowing. This is gonna be a Pika powered hit. For the movie analyst who think this is not gonna be a hit. A huuuuge hit. I predicting this to he the family movie hit of the year! Photo courtesy of: Link to article: