The Witcher 3 is A Smash On Nintendo Switch!

3rd parties who bring great ports to the Switch reap the benefits. According to CDPR financial reports. Profits are up for the quarter, and one of the big reasons is the success of the Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Odd, I thought Nintendo fans did not buy adult games? (Bayonetta, Resident Evil, Doom andContinue reading “The Witcher 3 is A Smash On Nintendo Switch!”

Raise Your Kids and Stop Blaming Video Games

Opinion Piece by Michelle Lynn Tackett Here we go again. More horrific mass shootings and the political shuffling is in high gear. I am used to this by now, but I gotta say something after hearing this over and over again. Some republicans are blaming video games for the mass shootings. I get so sickContinue reading “Raise Your Kids and Stop Blaming Video Games”

Favorite Video Game Companies: Top 10

Picks By Michelle Lynn Tackett & Shawn Tackett Michelle It is not hard for me to think of my top 10 favorite video game companies, (this includes the devs and publishers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd party). This list is based on how much we love the companies games, and how many games are in ourContinue reading “Favorite Video Game Companies: Top 10”