100 Favorite Movies of All Time Part 6 50-41

I took time off so I could really try to pick the right picks on my list. This is where the movies that I treasure are and it is so hard to pick one over the other. I will try my best, so let’s get started. 50: The Secret World of Arrietty, a problem IContinue reading “100 Favorite Movies of All Time Part 6 50-41”

Are Slasher Movies Art?

By Michelle Lynn Tackett and Shawn Tackett Lots of critics jump onto slasher movies. Oh, we’ve heard it before, “This is a brainless slasher movie.” Makes me wonder if critics have an ax to grind with slasher movies. I wish there was another term for that genre. Slasher has been demonized so much when youContinue reading “Are Slasher Movies Art?”

Stephen King IT 2017 Review

Ratings 1 Star: Avoid like the plague! Run for your life! 2 Stars: A decent movie that isn’t good or bad. 3 Stars: A good movie that just misses the mark of being great. 4 Stars: A real classic that you need to experience. Stephen King movies are a mixed bag. The Shining is oneContinue reading “Stephen King IT 2017 Review”