Favorite Movies of All Time Part 8

By Michelle Lynn Tackett We are getting into the big guns now. I am on part 8 of my favorite movies of all time. 30: Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of Miyazaki’s best movies. Anyone who thinks Anime serializes all women needs to watch this charming classic. The humor is adorable, the characters will charmContinue reading “Favorite Movies of All Time Part 8”

Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Review

By Michelle Lynn Tackett Ratings 1 Star: This is horrible 2 Stars: It’s OK, Nothing special. 3 Stars: Good trailer, but nothing to write home about. 4 Stars: Go watch this trailer now! I adore the Terminator franchise so much. I have seen the original over 80 times and the second one over 60 times.Continue reading “Terminator Dark Fate Trailer Review”

Where Are the Blue Collar Heroes?

Thor, Captain Marvel, The Hulk and Wonder Woman. These are great characters, but let’s be honest, how many of us can identify with them? Are any of us Thunder Gods? I highly doubt it, although I do get the feeling I can manipulate lighting sometimes (JK). These characters are great, do not get me wrong,Continue reading “Where Are the Blue Collar Heroes?”