NPD October 2019: Call of Duty, Outerworlds and Luigi’s Mansion 3 Lead A Packed Month

New blog up. NPD chart time!

Switch Lite Helps Boost Switch Sales To Nearly 600,000!

The Nintendo Switch sold nearly 600,000 units last week. According to VGchartz, I’ll put the link below. Thanks to Link’s Awakening and the Switch Lite. With releases like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield coming, the Switch will sell great through the holidays. I predict the Switch could sell 10-12 million units duringContinue reading “Switch Lite Helps Boost Switch Sales To Nearly 600,000!”

Nintendo Switch and Mortal Kombat 11 Dominate April NPD!

Nintendo Switch and Mortal Kombat 11 were no1 on NPD for April 2019!

Platinum Games and Nintendo Make A Great Team!

Nintendo Life did an article talkingvto Platinum games and why they love working with Nintendo. I will link the article below, but some members of Platinum said it had to do with how much Nintendo loves creators and how much freedom they give them. This is great news for Nintendo fans. Platinum Games fills aContinue reading “Platinum Games and Nintendo Make A Great Team!”

New Super Monkey Ball Game Coming?

A new fundraiser has started to try to bring back the Super Monkey Ball franchise. According to Nintendo Life, an Indigogo kickstarter is trying to raise enough money so a new Super Monkey Ball can come to current gen consoles. I hope this succeeds. SMB is one of my favorite puzzle series, and a newContinue reading “New Super Monkey Ball Game Coming?”